Friday, 13 July 2012

Sleeping Cats

After I returned from Mixed Minded in May my cats were delighted to see me.  I was uncomfortable leaving them alone for three nights, but I left them plenty of food and water, and Pam looked in on them.  Nevertheless, after an initial aloofness when I first came in the door -- I eventually had to go find Kia and carry her downstairs, which she disliked intensely -- the cats followed me around like puppies.  They wouldn't let me out of their sight.  We had frquent meetings in the bathroom' which isn't that unusual as they seem to like to visit with me in the smallest room in the house.

How I loved this behaviour.  Admittedly, Kaliko almost tripped me a couple of times.  She likes to walk in front of me on the way to the kitchen, or back, and looks over her shoulder to ensure I am coming.  So adorable.  But the best part was they spent every night sleeping with me in my bedroom.  Kia snoozing in her corner at the foot of the bed, and Kaliko on 'her' chair by the closet.  I love having my kitties with me at night, and this is the time I most miss Kritter, because he used to spend every night on the pillow beside me.  Sigh.

Alas, the sleeping behaviour didn't last.  They are used to me being here again and now go off to their kitty sleeping places, whichmI think are upstairs on the blanket on the couch.  I guess you can't have everything.  But I did appreciate it when I had it.

They do spend a lot of their time with me and right now are supervising me with their eyes shut at the foot of the bed.  I love my kitties.

And on a totally unrelated note, am I glad I didn't go out today, as it is now thundering and I hope raining.  It does pay to water your plants midday.

Art Journal Beginnings

I finally found an appropriate journal book, with mixed media paper, at Curry's.  I've been wanting to start an art journal for a while, but couldn't find the appropriate format.  The one I got is perhaps a little larger than I wanted, but it will do.  I made the cover a couple of days ago and I really like it, so I will be happy to create and experiment in my lovely new journal.  I made a little "Ideas" booklet the other day to house all those pages I had written ideas on. I wanted them not to get lost in the notebooks I use, so I put them all in one place.

I am on my way.

I Has Tomato

I really hate the cutsey way I wrote the title, but it expresses how excited I am that today, Friday July 13, I spotted my first little tomato beginning to form on the plants growing on my front porch.  There have been flowers for a while, although I'm a little concerned at how few.  In 102 degree humidex I watered today at 1:45.  Not the best time of day, but if I don't do it when I think of it, I forget and it doesn't get done.  I still need to fertilize.  I can't wait to have 'real' tomatoes after a number of years without because of my inability to garden anymore.  Now I've got to see if I can figure out some method of training the cucumber up so they have space to grow.  I think there is twine in the garage, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go there -- although my trek earlier has come to fruition in the large plants on the porch.  I'm also to chicken to go out in this heat to go to the store.  Maybe I'll go Monday after I see Mary Linda,, 'cuz I'll be out of the house anyway.

Speaking of the medical profession -- why are they allowed to get away with behaviour that would get anyone else reprimanded, if not fired?  Three weeks after one doctor says take a new medicine I finally get it because the other doctor went on vacation withiut oking it.  And I was made to feel as if I was impossing on them when I called to ask about it.  And I didn't call on their first day back either.  Irresponsible, in my opinion.

But -- I has tomato!