Monday, 4 August 2014

Evey Inchie Monday: Privacy

This week's word on Every Inchie Monday   is privacy.  Not a very original idea, but  where else would you like privacy more?

This week I suddenly remembered that I have a one inch square punch.  So I dug it out and made some nice frames for my inchies, instead of the unsteady ink borders I was using.  Neat-O.
And here they are, my last set of catch-up inchies. 
Killer:  I dislike violence and horror so much that I haven't seen a horror movie since the Exorcist came out in 1973.  So I chose to draw a killer whale, making him as benign looking as I could.
Khaki:  Such a difficult colour to portray.   I decided to go outside the box and draw the phonetic spelling of the word.  Of course, there are two ways to pronounce this word and my picture only works for one of them (although I suppose a crow could say cack as well as caw).
Legal:   Legal eagle is the phrase that came to mind.  I borrowed the picture of the eagle from google, but added the scales of justice.
Lavender:  Last but not least:  Lavender.  "Lavender Blue, dilly, dilly, lavender green"  -- for some reason I sing these lines to myself all the time.  It's a very old folksong, but the meaning is obscure.  So here is my first inchie for lavender:
But I love the colour lavender and wanted to do it justice, so I found some lavender Swarovski crystal butterflies and added a few other lavender beads to a cross stitched base.

That's all folks -- I'm caught up!


  1. Love them all! :D The privacy one is fantastic - yes, yes, true, where else! :D
    Looooove that lavender cross stitch with the Swarowskis - wow!

  2. Well done you for catching up and I can't wait to see all your inchies together at the end of the year. Your interpretation of khaki is very clever and I especially like your textured lavender inchie.

  3. Adorable!!!! I love the inchie for privacy! Never thought about that one, since I dont get to have privacy in there! I am so glad to see what you have done for the catch ups! the whale is so cute and I agree the exorcist was a very scary movie.The rest of them are so great.

  4. What a great selection you've presented this week :-)


  5. All of your pieces made me smile. I had to laugh because when I was writing up my thesis for my Master's degree, I had two school age boys. This was before computers. So, I found myself typing on the floor of the bathroom because that was the only place they would leave me alone!

    1. I, too, wrote my Master's thesis (in English) on a typewriter - how far we have come! I remember being terrified I would make a mistake and have to retype major portions. What subject is your master's degree in?

  6. Hahaha!! Love it!!! Your depiction of privacy is perfect! (It's funny, sometimes I'll ask my husband what comes to mind when I tell him the Inchie word for the week. And he said bathroom for this week's word.) You did an awesome job on ALL of these Inchies!! I give you a standing ovation for catching up!! You are an official Incher!!! I think my favorite is the last one for lavender!! It looks as though it would even smell of lavender by looking at it! Just beautiful!! Oh, thank you for leaving me a message too!! You are a sweetheart! :0) Share Humanity

  7. Wow. Fantastic inchies. They make me all smile while I am reading because they are so beautiful and your words are good stories.

  8. Great idea for your inchie, and your catch ups.